Caring for your Panama

To ensure many years of enjoyment from wearing your hat, it is important to remember that it is an individual piece of craftsmanship, handwoven from a natural fiber (toquilla straw) and it should be treated as such. 

  • Do not touch your hat with dirty hands
  • Avoid pinching or crushing the natural fiber, especially from the crown as it may eventually break
  • Do not pull the hat from the edge of the brim
  • Avoid wearing your hat in heavy rain as it may lose its shape
  • Protect your hat and store it in the dust bag

With time, it is normal that the palm of your hat gets dry. To keep it moisturized, expose it to steam (while taking a shower for example) once in a while. This will prevent the straw from cracking and add years of life to your hat.

Should your hat lose its original shape, it can be steamed and reshaped. Contact Hija de Nada or seek the services of a local milliner, to reshape your hat.