Hija de Nada, Nevsy Zee and Kim Yo

This black and white photo features stylist Nevsy Zee wearing a handblocked mountie-style by Hija de Nada. She is surrounded by 10-12 hats, piled around her seated body. Nevsy's smile is wide and she appears to be having fun while trying on hats.
For long-time Chicago fashion and style followers the name Custom Hair Lounge will recall the incredible work of international stylist Nevsy Zee and crew. Over the years, I got to know Nevsy and her talented team. In late autumn of 2020 Nevsy contributed her creative talents to a photo shoot with photographer Kim Yo. When they asked to use my headwear for the shoot, I was over the moon. 
A female photographer is taking an image of a male model wearing a burgundy red hat by Hija de Nada. The are in a living room setting and it appears to be late fall outside.